Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Settling In

The meetings finished up well with about 100 kids on the last day. We were encouraged to see many of them back again on Sunday for Sunday School -- pray that this interest will continue! It's wonderful to see so many kids under God's Word, but please pray for wisdom as to how best to teach them, and what to teach them first!! They need to learn the Word of God, but they also need to learn how to sit still and be quiet so that everyone can hear the lesson. Sometime it's difficult to know when to interrupt myself and settle the whole group down, and when to just keep teaching and trust that a few are listening.
Gillian, my friend from Ballymena, went home on Wednesday, so the apartment is pretty quiet at the moment! But I've been very busy cleaning and getting things organised here so that when I get started in my regular schedule, I'll be able to concentrate on the work.
Please pray that the vehicle which has been sent over from the US will be released soon from customs. It's been sitting at the port here in Monrovia since March 11th, but due to one holdup after another, it still hasn't been released. I've been taking car taxis mostly to get around the city, but yesterday I relented and bought myself a helmet and got onto the back of Rev. DiCanio's motorcycle. From seeing people come into A&E after motorbike accidents, I always said I'd never ride one, but I suppose you never know what you're going to do. At least he's a responsible driver!
But there's only so much you can carry on a motorbike so pray that the vehicle will be released -- it will make things simpler all round, especially when the rainy season starts in a couple of weeks!

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