Saturday, 21 April 2012

I have wheels!

I'm very thankful to be able to say that the vehicle has been released from the port at long last!! I was so excited to get it -- also, if truth be told, very nervous about starting to drive in Monrovia, but God's kept me safe so far. Manuevering through traffic is quite a challenge -- not so much because of the number of cars as because no one seems to obey any rules at all! I have to be constantly on the alert and drive defensively. Also I need to drive offensively because otherwise I'd never get anywhere at all! There are no traffic lights or roundabouts, and only a few stop signs or intersections with police officers directing traffic. So most of the time you just have to edge out of the side street and flash your lights or beep your horn until someone stops and lets you through (or until you're completely blocking their lane and they have to stop! LOL) So pray for safety please.
Pray for Sunday services tomorrow. I heard that there may be a group of students attending from a nearby school -- their teacher attends the Paynesville church and is hoping to bring them. So pray that they will come, and that the Lord will speak to them as they're under His Word.

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