Friday, 13 April 2012

So much to learn!

I've been struck with how much I don't know in the last week! I mentioned in the last post that I'm taking taxis quite a bit while I wait for the vehicle to be released (yes, we're still waiting:-) It is more of a hassle than having your own vehicle, but taking taxis certainly gives opportunities to witness! People are always curious about who I am, where I'm living, what I'm doing in Liberia. So the conversation often comes around to the things of God naturally. One taxi driver went to a Pentecostal church -- I believe he may well have been saved, but he was asking questions about our church and how we worship and why we don't believe in "speaking in tongues" etc. I definitely need to do more reading on Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement.
And then, in a store in town, I got talking to some Lebanese people. The Lebanese have really flooded into Liberia since the war -- they've set up a lot of businesses etc. Nice people -- but these folks in the store were asking the usual about who I was etc, and I asked them about their beliefs. They are Druze -- a sect of Islam. I had heard the name "Druze" before but knew absolutely nothing about it. We talked for a bit, and they are definitely open to discussing religious things, but I really need to read up on that one too!
Islam has a big hold here, and almost every major cult is found here also. Pray for wisdom and open doors! I've been thinking especially of the women from Islamic backgrounds -- a lot of them, from what I've read, don't get a choice as to what to believe. And of course, in some cases at least, the men in our church would not be able to speak with them, so pray that doors will open for me to get to know some of these ladies.

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  1. There are such opportunities. You are light Joanne. Praying for you. V.