Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In Monrovia

Hi everybody, my first post from Liberia! Please forgive any typos, my connection is bad and the sun is strong! I'm at a restaurant using their wifi since I don't have any Internet connection at my apartment yet. So far the time here has been really busy but good. Gillian and I have spent most of our time preparing for children's meetings and actually doing them, and meeting the church people and getting to know them. In between we've been trying to clean the apartment and do some shopping for basic living. The first morning, I ate my cereal off a disposable plate with my fingers! It was interesting! Although I guess you could say that was my poor planning the night before! The children have responded really well to the meetings. We've been teaching on the life of Christ, and they've been learning choruses and memory verses and doing worksheets as well. I'll get some photos up ASAP. Thanks for your prayers!

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