Tuesday, 20 March 2012

in Dublin's fair city

It's 03:30 am, and I'm sitting in Dublin airport trying to be productive since I know I won't sleep anyway on these metal "seats". Our flight leaves at 06:40 -- I say "our" because a friend from Ballymena, Gillian Ferguson, has kindly offered to accompany me to Liberia and stay for two weeks! It's definitely a plus to have company on this trip.
When we arrive in Monrovia on Wed evening, we will have one day to settle in and get prepared for the seminars. Dr. Allison and Mr. Paulcy Cange arrive early Thursday morning, and then the meetings begin on Friday. I'll probably be teaching the children in the afternoons since many of them will be in school in the mornings. Dr. Allison will be teaching the adults both morning and afternoon.
So pray for safe travel for us all, and for the meetings. I'm not sure how quickly I'll get online in Liberia, but I'll update you again asap.

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