Monday, 4 February 2013

Many people have been wondering how the building project is going so I thought I should give a little update here. The first house is almost finished -- Rev. DiCanio is living there already. There's no running water yet, but the drains are working so he can wash/flush etc with buckets. (I won't go into more details! LOL) The window bars are in place but the windows still aren't installed -- please pray that this will be done very soon! It's wonderful being right on the ocean front, but there are drawbacks too -- like the salt air which coats everything and corrodes metal very quickly. So the sooner the windows are installed, the better to protect things inside the house. The generator arrived last week so they have electricity at last -- only at night of course because it would be far too expensive to run it 24/7. The generator house is built, septic tank is done, and they're working on the security wall.
We've been able to get a month's extension on the lease for my apartment, which is a relief because I was supposed to be moving out on February 15th and I didn't have anywhere to go yet! So I'll be in the apartment until I go home for the Easter Convention, and then when I return, I'll be moving . . . somewhere :-) Lord willing, there will be something built at the site by then so that I can move in.
The rest of the work is going on as usual. I've had a rather long break from school, because the Ministry of Education changed the dates for exams and the second semester start date, but school opens again next Tuesday so I'm busy getting ready for that. I've been glad that there's been no school, actually, because things have been SO busy! With Rev. DiCanio being away and then having to spend so much time overseeing the building project, I've been helping out with other administrative type things which take up a lot of time.
The reading club has really grown recently, with a lot of new kids coming. Last Tuesday I read with 17 children/young people between 3 and 5pm. It's great to see the interest, and kids bringing their friends along, including some who don't attend Sunday School here. But the increased number of children means that I'm really rushing to let each one have a few minutes reading with me individually. I would love to extend the Club time to 3 hours, but there just isn't time at the minute. Pray that the interest will continue, and that I'll find a way to accommodate all the kids who want to read. Of course, for those of you who may not know, the children can all stay for the entire two hours and read silently from the books that we have on the shelves, while I call them one by one for their individual reading time with me. Well, I say "silently" -- that's the plan anyway! :-)

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  1. Great to read your news. Love the idea of children sitting quietly. Read a notice in Cookstown FPC last night for Bibles for Liberia. Is this still the case and how can we get them to you?