Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all! I was thinking yesterday of Joshua 13:1 -- "There remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." This is true in my personal walk with God -- in my knowledge of Christ and my love for Him, I have SO far to go! (And it's struck me recently that every time I take a step forward in this regard, my eyes are opened a little more to see how much more land is there to be taken, land that I hadn't even known existed before this.) And then of course, in the work here in Liberia, and in the work of God world-wide, there is SO much land waiting to be possessed for God and His Kingdom! May we see great advances made this year!
Thank you for your prayers for the Children's Day service. The Lord helped us all -- a few first-time parents came in to the meeting, the children did a good job and things ran relatively smoothly, and everyone heard the Gospel as Rev. DiCanio preached. Pray that this Word will bear fruit!
Rev. DiCanio is at home over the holiday period for a well-deserved vacation, so pray that things will run smoothly in his absence! The work on the building project has been slowed down while he's away, which I'm rather thankful for! They are working on the generator house, and I'm keeping an eye on that (not that I really know what I'm looking for LOL).
Thank you all for your prayers for me through the nine months that I've been in Liberia. And keep praying with me and for me in 2013! May the Lord bless you all.


  1. Hello Joanne. Blessed 2013 to you all over there :). Thank you for new updates. I have a question. What language Rev. DiCanio preach to the people?
    Love, V.

    1. Hi Veronika,
      Happy New Year to you all in Czech Republic also! The official language here is English, which makes things simple for Rev. DiCanio and me! They also have 16 tribal languages, but since we're working in Monrovia, the capital, we don't need to use them, and it wouldn't make sense to just pick one and learn it since there are 16!