Friday, 23 November 2012

We had our first women's Bible Study this evening in the Paynesville church. It's something that the women have been asking about for awhile, but we've only gotten around to getting it organised at this point. To tell the truth, I don't know many of the women very well yet because I've been spending so much time with the children! Even after the Sunday service and the prayermeeting, one of the kids usually manages to get my attention with a question, or "Miss Joanne, can I say my verse to you?" so that by the time I get outside, a lot of the women have already left. So hopefully this will be a means of getting to know the ladies as well as ministering to them.
I've been teaching on the Ten Commandments in the Wednesday Bible Club, and I've been challenged by how foreign the law of God is to many of them. One 11-year-old told me that he didn't know what the Ten Commandments were until he started hearing about them in Bible Club. Until a couple of years ago, he lived in the bush and it seems went some of the time to a Jehovah's Witness church; then his father died and his mother was left with 5 or 6 kids to raise. So she brought this boy to a family in Monrovia and asked them to take him in and send him to school. (I'm not sure if there was a prior connection between the two families -- I don't believe they're related in any way.) This family attend our church, and now the boy is one of the brightest and most conscientious students in the Sunday School, Bible Club, Reading Club, and anything else that's going! More importantly, he's showing some encouraging signs of a work of grace in his heart. Pray for him and others like him. This is just one story out of many that could be told.
We are planning our first Children's Day Program for the Sunday School in Paynesville FPMC. It will take the form of an end-of-year program, where the parents will be invited and the kids will be presenting what they've learned during the past year. It's planned for the Sunday service on Dec. 16, Lord willing. Please pray much for the preparation and the day itself.
Continue to pray for safety on the roads. There was an accident a couple of weeks ago just outside the Christian school where I teach. A drunk man drove his lorry off the road and knocked a 20-ft container over, crushing two men under it. I went down to the scene, and at that point they had pulled one man out, but he was very dead, and they hadn't realised yet that there was a second man under there. It is certainly sobering, and sickening, to see the low value that is placed on human life -- not only through the carelessness of the drunk driver, but also in the people who were standing all around talking excitedly and taking pictures of the dead man on their phones!
Pray for the 15-minute radio broadcast that goes out on two different stations each Sunday. Rev. DiCanio is airing Dr. Cairns' series on the Law of God at the moment. Pray that people will be brought to see their sinfulness before God and their need of Christ. A man visited last Sunday who had heard the program -- the first visitor we've had as a direct result of the radio broadcast.

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