Sunday, 17 March 2013

First year anniversary

It's hard to believe that on Thursday I will have been in Liberia for one year! Actually, I don't know how this will work because I'm actually leaving the country on Thursday to go home for a few weeks -- so does that mean my one-year anniversary won't be until I get back?
Anyway, the Mission Board has asked me to bring a report at the Easter Convention (I'll be showing a DVD presentation at the Friday night meeting by the way, if any of you can make it!) and I'm going to take a few weeks' annual leave while I'm home. I'm looking forward to it! Please pray for safe flights and for help in reporting at the Convention -- and for a restful time with my family!
My lease on the apartment actually expires on Thursday as well so I'm in the throes of packing -- I'm going to store everything in an empty room in Rev. DiCanio's house while I'm gone. When I return, I have a couple months booked in for a room in a guest-house until there is other accommodation available. I'm thankful for the provision of this guest-house -- the owners are a Baptist missionary family so the location is quiet and secure!
I have to give tests tomorrow at the school where I teach Bible and Reading, and then get all 80 or so of them graded before I leave, so the pressure is on!
The work at Dwazone is progressing -- the security wall is 3/4 done, the water tank is being put in, the windows are installed, most of the electrical fixtures are in place. Thanks for your continued prayers!
Please pray for a 12-yr-old boy named Abraham who is one of our most faithful students at Sunday School, Bible Club, Reading Club, and anything else that's going on. (He is taking keyboard lessons as well.) More importantly, he's professed salvation within the last 6 months and has shown encouraging signs of growth and interest in spiritual things. He has recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis B. There is no cure, but the doctor has prescribed anti-viral drugs to slow down the progress of the disease. This has been hard on Abraham (and the whole family --- they will all have to be tested to see if they also have Hep B). It's especially scary for Abraham because his "birth pa" died of the same disease, and his older biological brother has it also. Abraham is living with a family here in Monrovia who have taken him in and sent him to school, while his biological mother is living in the interior with her other children. Hep B is widespread here in West Africa -- it is highly contagious but the vaccine is only given to some health workers, probably due to cost issues. So there's really no control on it. Pray for all involved, for the family who are struggling to come up with money for these expensive drugs, and especially for Abraham himself.

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