Saturday, 29 June 2013

Our times are in His hands

One of the first people I remember from my first trip to Liberia was a lady named Kidee Dorliae. She was our cook when the team was here from Ulster and the USA -- she would bring meals to the guest house where we were staying. She was a great cook, and a very happy and affectionate woman! She attended the Paynesville church and often on Sunday after the services she would come up to the front where I'd be packing up the piano, with a big smile and "Joanne, how are you?" and give me a big hug.
Kidee passed away last Thursday morning. She had been suffering from diabetes for the past few years, and had been in and out of hospital a couple of times in the last month. When I saw her in hospital at the beginning of last week, she was starting to look a little better, and she was discharged on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, her condition suddenly deteriorated, and she died enroute to the hospital. Kidee's funeral was today. We are so thankful that her testimony before she died was that she was trusting in Christ as her Saviour, and we have the sure hope of seeing her again someday. But it's still hard to believe that we won't meet again on earth -- but our times are in His hands and we know that God's will has been done in taking Kidee home.
I know the majority of those reading this post didn't know Kidee, but please keep her family in prayer. She has four children -- the oldest girl just graduated from high school, and the youngest is 6 years old. I'm not sure where they're all going to go now. A couple of them have been staying with their father, and a couple have been with a family friend. The 6 year old also has diabetes, and one of the other girls is deaf and dumb. So pray that they will be cared for physically, but also that they will be fed spiritually, even if they're too far away to attend our church.

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