Sunday, 1 July 2012


It suddenly occurred to me tonight that I'm supposed to be keeping a blog here. I had kinda forgotten that little fact for about a month! Sorry, folks.
Anyway, just to update you, I am now a resident of Liberia -- for a year at least -- then I have to renew my permit again. The next thing is to get my Liberian driving license which I hope to do very soon.
My parents and sister Jerusha arrived last Thursday for an eagerly anticipated visit. It's great to see them and let them share in the work -- they're supposed to be on vacation but so far they've been pretty busy!
We are holding a Vacation Bible School in the Paynesville church this week. Please pray for these meetings -- from 10am to 12 noon, Monday to Friday. We went round the neighbourhood on Saturday, giving out special invitations to the meetings. We had a good response from parents so pray that the children will come and learn and that their hearts will be touched.
The building has commenced on the property in Dwazone. The foundations for the first house are underway. I was down on Friday and it was exciting to see the progress being made. Pray that this building project will go smoothly, and that Rev. DiCanio will be able to move into this house by the time his current lease is up in September.

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