Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sorry for the silence for the last couple of weeks. They've been crazy! My shipment arrived last Wednesday with a lot of books and teaching materials and also a few musical instruments! I was really grateful and relieved that nothing was damaged in transit. I played the piano in church for the first time on Sunday, and I've used the keyboard for a couple of music lessons already. I had some "household" articles in the shipment as well, which I've been scattering around in the apartment to make it look more "homey"! Exciting . . .
A couple people have asked about the girl with the arm injury -- she's actually having surgery tomorrow, Lord willing. When she saw the orthopaedic surgeon, he said it's a pathological fracture due to an underlying bone cyst (told you my x-ray reading skills weren't very good!!) So we took her to the hospital today and got her admitted -- please pray that the surgery will go ahead tomorrow as planned and that the Lord will keep her safe and give the surgeon skill.
The Wednesday Bible Club has gone well for the past couple of weeks. We do find that the kids are pretty sleepy in the afternoon (they're up very early in the morning to start school) so we're trying to make the lessons quite interactive, more so than on Sundays. The numbers are smaller on Wednesdays too, so it's easier to make it interactive and actually work with the children instead of just teaching at the front. The numbers have gone down on Sundays as well, which is not entirely a surprise because that's usually what happens when the novelty wears off. We're really praying about this -- we don't want the kids coming simply because of novelty, but at the same time we're burdened to know that these children are in the neighbourhood and are not hearing God's Word. At least a few of them that we know of are being kept at home to wash clothes or to go with their parents to sell in the market -- and we're definitely praying against that!! Pray that wisdom will be given to us to know how to contact them again, and pray most of all that God will give the kids the desire to hear His Word and the parents the willingness to send them.

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